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"Wilderness Passage provided difficult challenges daily that taught my son he can do man-level tasks. More important was that the testing came right alongside excellent teaching about The Lord and His Word. Will and Chris modeled strong masculine leadership, humility, and service. The seeds planted during Wilderness Passage will help Jack grow into a man of God and a man of God's Word."
Kenny Phillips
Aleto, TX

“Wilderness Passage exceeded our expectations. I encourage you to register today!”
Dr. Paul Pettit
Dallas Seminary

A Mother’s Perspective
Dear Will,
We can be sure that no two Wilderness Passage experiences will be the same. I’d like to share one from a mother’s perspective.
Jack, my firstborn, who is rapidly approaching manhood, went on the first Wilderness Passage. Jack and Kenny went off to the backcountry for a week. No phones, no contact, and little provision. They were off to master the wilderness and see God work in their hearts.
When they returned I was so eager to hear from Jack about his mountain top experience! I peppered him with questions. “How was it?” “What did you learn?”
“What did you do?” “Did God change your life or what?!” To all of the above questions Jack answered the following: “Yeah, it was good.” “You know, hard.” “You know, stuff.”
Really? That’s it. I tried rephrasing the questions and asking them at different times of the day, only to find the same non answers. I’m sorry to say, some twelve year old males have very limited vocabulary skills when it comes to expressing coming of age life changing events.
To my great relief, instead of telling me verbally, Jack showed me in deed. Jack, showed me he was more mature in the way he viewed himself over the next several months. The way he interacted with his three younger siblings was different. He showed he had changed, when he stayed cool tempered even when things were stressful. He extended grace to his parents. He stood up for God’s Word at school. He was helpful without being asked. He takes the lead more when we pray as a family.
These are the things that can only be accomplished through the Holy Spirit. These are lasting fruit. It is always amazing to see God change us from the inside out even when we don’t have words to express it.
Thank you for providing the place where God can work. Thank you for giving dads a place to affirm and bless their sons. Thank you for teaching both fathers and sons to stand on God’s word.
Your Friend,
Adrienne Phillips